Phoenix Convention Event Locations and Information

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

FACSA Arizona recommends Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport as it is in proximity to all the event locations, despite the presence of several local airports in Arizona.

Discounted Hotels with code

Fako America has entered into agreements with three hotels, all situated within 10 miles of the convention event center. These hotels offer discounts to Fako America members. Please Click HERE to access the various hotel websites and complete your reservations.

Thursday Reception Venue

FACSA Arizona will host a welcome dinner for participants on Thursday, June 27th, from 7 pm to 12 am. Please be on the lookout for the link and address to the location.

Convention Events Venue

The Friday Cultural Night, the Saturday Business meeting, and the Saturday Gala Night will all be held at the American Royal Palace Banquet Hall. Click HERE to visit the event venue website for additional information such as address, pictures, etc.

Picnic Venue

There will be a picnic on Sunday, June 30th, from 2 pm to 9 pm. Look out for more information about the picnic location.

Highlights of the Phoenix Convention

Exclusive Event Magazine

We are excited to invite articles and content submissions for the upcoming 2024 Fako America Annual Cultural Magazine! Act fast – spaces are filling up quickly!

Election of FA Leadership

Extravagant Gala Night

An extravagant Gala Night adorned with high fashion and an extensive evening of dancing awaits you with DJ Flex.

Complementary Kids' Care

Parents can enjoy the gala worry-free as we offer complimentary kids' care services, ensuring a stress-free evening for the whole family.

Kids' Short Story Contest

Topics Revealed for Fako America Kids' Short Story Contest!

Here are the selected topics that promise to spark the imagination of our budding writers:

  1. Wonders of Bakweri Culture: Explore the richness and diversity of the Bakweri culture, unraveling its unique wonders through the eyes of our talented young storytellers.


  3. A Day with My Bakweri Granny: Take a heartwarming journey into the special moments spent with Bakweri grandmothers, capturing the essence of their wisdom, love, and cherished memories.

  5. The Talking Animals of Bakweri: Embark on a fantastical adventure as our young writers bring to life the captivating world of talking animals within the Bakweri folklore, where imagination knows no bounds.

  7. Bakweri Folklore: Delve into the enchanting realm of Bakweri folklore, where age-old tales come alive through the vibrant storytelling of our talented young minds.

Contest guidelines, Selection criteria and Prizes

Age Groups:

    • Group A: 6 to 8 years old
    • Group B: 9 to 11 years old
    • Word Limit:

      • Maximum 300 words for Group A
      • Maximum 500 words for Group B
    • Submission Format:

      • Only typed submissions are accepted.
      • Submissions should be in English.
    • Submission Deadline:

      • All entries must be submitted by April 15th 2024.
    • Judging Criteria:

      • Creativity and Originality
      • Adherence to Chosen Topic
      • Language and Expression
      • Overall Presentation
    • Prizes:

      • Winners from each age group will have their stories featured in the Fako America Annual Convention Magazine.
      • Additional prizes may include certificates, books, or other age-appropriate rewards.
    • How to Submit:

    • Contact Information:

      • For any queries or additional information, please contact Mola Ken.
    • Announcement of Winners:

      • Winners will be announced on June 28th 2024 at the Fako America Cultural Night in Phoenix Arizona and on the Fako America website and through email communication.
    • Publication Details:

      • The selected stories will be published in the Fako America Annual Convention Magazine.

Call For Articles - Convention Magazine

We seek well-researched, thought-provoking articles to enrich our magazine and contribute to a deeper understanding of Fako. Your words have the power to shape the narrative. Deadline: April 15th 2024.   Send submissions to:

Fako Land Issue

Uncover the intricacies surrounding Fako land matters, shedding light on the historical, legal, and social dimensions.

Criteria: 600-900 words

Economic Empowerment of Fako Indigenes

Unveil initiatives that contribute to the economic upliftment of Fako indigenes, exploring success stories and challenges faced.
Criteria: 600-900 words

Fako Mbando Festival

Paint a vivid picture of Fako Mbando Festival, capturing the essence and impact on our community.

Criteria: 700-1000 words

The Multipurpose Center

Examine the planning and execution stages of this initiative through the lens of project management, offering insights into project scope, timeline, and budget considerations.

Criteria: 600-900 words