2024 Fako America Annual Convention Phoenix Arizona

Event Date:

June 27, 2024

Event Time:

12:00 am

Event Location:

American Royal Palace

Discover the Essence: Fako America Convention 2024 in Phoenix, Arizona!

Fako America enthusiasts, gear up for an extraordinary cultural rendezvous at the upcoming 2024 Convention in Phoenix, Arizona! Following the beat of the Mbando Festival in Cameroon, our convention promises not just tradition but an unmissable fusion of culture and democratic fervor.

Phoenix Vibes:
Picture yourself in Phoenix, the Valley of the Sun, with its striking desert landscapes. Our venue, the American Royal Palace banquet hall, oozes opulence and reflects the regality of Bakweri heritage. This is where culture meets luxury, promising an experience that transcends boundaries.

Event Timelines

Welcome Dinner Thursday June 27th from 5pm t0 11pm



Visit to a homeless Shelter Friday June 28th 11am to 3pm
Fako Cultural Night Events, Friday June 28th 9pm to 1pm

Traditional Dispaly of authentic Fako Culture in Dance and Theater

Business Review Meeting and Elections, Saturday June 29th 9am to 3pm

Business casual, traditional attire

Black Tie Gala Night, Saturday June 29th, 9pm to 4am

Dress to Impress all fashion ball

Fairwell BBQ, Sunday June 30th, 3pm to 8pm
Sorry, There Are No Seats Available
  • American Royal Palace
  • Phoenix
  • Arizona
  • United States

Event Schedule Details

  • June 27, 2024 12:00 am   -   June 30, 2024 12:00 am
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