Fako Cultural and Social Association (FACSA) Arizona was founded in 2021 by a group of Bakweri elite resident in the state of Arizona.


Within the first two years of its existence, FACSA membership grew from 5 to 22 members.


FACSA’s membership continues to expand as more people of Bakweri origin move to Arizona and, as anyone who supports FACSA’s mission, regardless of their heritage is welcome to become a member.




FACSA’s mission is to promote the Bakweri culture, unite people of Bakweri heritage and activate diversity, inclusion and belonging in the state of Arizona by engaging and involving non-Bakweris in its activities.

Through this mission therefore, FACSA is committed to:

Participating in community outreach,

Supporting the pursuit of peaceful coexistence of people of all races, religions and orientations and,

Promoting the Bakweri culture within its membership and beyond.



Driven by its mission, FACSA has established the following goals for the 2023 and 2024 period: