Voice Your Views:Dive In.

In this exciting collaboration between the Fako America .org website team and you, our valued community members, we’re embarking on a unique venture to capture public opinions about the recent Mbando Annual Festival from December 9th to 16th. We want to hear YOUR thoughts!


Our web team, acting as a neutral platform for public discourse, is orchestrating this special survey to gather diverse perspectives on the Mbando Festival. This initiative is not affiliated with the Mbando Festival organizers; rather, it aims to create a space for our community to share a range of experiences and viewpoints.


We understand the importance of maintaining a positive and constructive dialogue. Rest assured, this survey is not intended to spotlight negative opinions but is a genuine effort to sample the diverse views within our community.


. Your participation will contribute to a broader understanding of our community’s sentiments and enrich the conversation around this cultural celebration.