Fako America's Clean Water Project

How Fako Elites in the USA Responded to the 2021 Cholera Outbreak in Cameroon's Fako Region.

In 2021, Fako region, Cameroon faced a cholera outbreak impacting Buea, Limbe, and Tiko. Worsened by water shortages and poor hygiene during the dry season, hospitals saw an influx of patients. COVID-19 compounded the strain on hospital resources, affecting around 300 individuals.


In the face of this adversity, Fako America swiftly mobilized resources to combat the cholera outbreak that gripped the Fako region. This initiative, guided by a commitment to community well-being, has evolved into a multifaceted approach addressing critical needs with a focus on clean water access.


The cities of Buea, Limbe and Tiko were impacted, and hospitals were inundated, managing around 300 cases, amidst a situation further complicated by the strain of the COVID-19 pandemic on already stretched healthcare resources.

Fako America's Mission: Mitigation, Prevention, Support.

Fako America’s intervention was designed with a three-pronged strategy:

Mitigation: Immediate response involved providing bottled water to affected hospitals.

Prevention: Ongoing efforts include providing assistance to the installation of clean water supply systems and water quality monitoring.

Support: Hospitals received a boost with the provision of 900 IV fluids, enhancing their capacity to manage cholera cases.

Addressing Critical Needs

Utilizing a project phased approach, the foundation lies in a thorough needs assessment, revealing challenges stemming from global warming affecting catchment areas, resulting in limited clean water. Hospitals, already underfunded and ill-equipped, faced increased strain during the pandemic.

Implementation Phases: A Timeline of Action.

Designed by the project team and approved by the Fako America Board of Directors, the project will be implemented in these three phases:

Needs Assessment and Planning: Completed in March 2023, the groundwork was laid for a comprehensive response.

Assistance to Installation of Clean Water Systems: A crucial step in ensuring sustained access to clean water.

Community Outreach and Education: Engaging local organizations and communities for a collaborative approach to holistic well-being.

Partnerships and Collaborations: Including Fako Chiefs.

Collaboration with local health authorities, NGOs, community leaders, and active engagement with donors and sponsors form the backbone of this initiative. Regular communication and assessment meetings ensure a united effort to combat the aftermath of the cholera outbreak.

As we embark on this vital journey to safeguard the health and well-being of the Fako region, we invite you to be a cornerstone of positive change. Your support, whether big or small, can make a significant impact on the lives of those affected by the cholera outbreak.


To contribute to Fako America’s Clean Water Project and gain insight into the real-time progress of our mission, we encourage you to visit our donation dashboard Fako America Projects Funding Dashboard. For those who have graciously pledged their support, we extend our heartfelt gratitude and kindly urge you to honor your commitments. Together, we can transform the narrative and bring lasting change to the resilient communities of the Fako region.