Orphanage Santa Project




Fako America Elites and other donors

Project Manager

Iya Sophie Ngongi

Project Team

Iya Catherine Manga ,Mola Julius Esunge, Mola Gwanyalla Lopez, Sango Ndive La Manga, Mola Samuel Moka Effange

Project Overview

To be consistent in Fako America’s objective to brighten the outlook and prospects of  orphans and their caregivers during the end of year’s festive seasons, with provision of  basic necessities at selected orphanages in Fako division

Goals & Objectives

Provide at least a special meal to orphan children during December festive season Fako America charity to underprivileged children  

Identify and assist orphanages in need of support 

Provide hope and support to hardworking caregivers in orphanages


Selecting orphanages which are easily accessible  

Detail information on the number of children per orphanages  

Detail information on the contact personnel in the various orphanages  Minimal information about all the available orphanages that exist in Fako Logistic of getting the food stuff before Christmas 

Finances to support the project 

Fako America members visiting Cameroon might have busy schedules

Project Scope

Orphanages only in Fako 

Food items and gifts  

Registered, documented or known undocumented orphanages  

Not more than 5 orphanages

Target Audience

The entire household in orphanages consisting of the kids and the caregivers

Success Criteria

We are able to purchase all the food items and delivered to the orphanages before  Christmas




We expect the project to begin from the 12th of December, and be concluded by the 24th of December 2023


Preparation and submission of the Project brief to Fako USA board 

Approval of the project by Fako America board of Directors 

Getting the budget approval 

Identification of orphanages  

Focal point to coordinate all activities locally in Fako 

Purchase and handing over of food items by the focal point  

Take pictures with the orphanage household 

Finalize the project report 

Lessons learned report