Fako America Scholarship Project Brief


July 2023- July 2024

Project Sponsor

Fako America Taskforce

Project Manager

Ken Forbin

Project Team

Sophie Ngiongi, Samuel Effange, Kalle Wole, Minerva Njanjo, Sammah Mbua

Project Overview

Several students of Fako origin seeking various forms of education are not able to realize their dreams because of financial constraints. The Fako elite in the United States, through Fako America, is uniquely positioned to fill this gap by developing and implementing a sustainable scholarship program to assist these Fako students. The scholarship project will  provide students from financially challenged backgrounds the resources they need to pursue and graduate vocational and academic training.  These selfless acts of kindness from donors will  build lifelong friendships, activate wealth generation in Fako families and  foster a sense of community and belonging that otherwise may not be possible

Goals & Objectives

The goal is to provide financial resources to students of Fako origin  in Cameroon, by Fako elite in the United States

Objective 1: Establish a database/data management system to store and manage records of  potential and actual recipients of the scholarship

Objective 2: Develop standard work for selecting candidates and ensuring the timely disbursement of scholarship funds (Selection criteria)

Objective 3: Achieve the disbursement of scholarships  for the 2023 academic year (September 2023)

Objective 4: Identify credible and diverse funding sources for the scholarship program

Objective 5: Document and demonstrate milestones to provide line of sight for donors


  • Insufficient funds to support as many students as the need may arise, 
  • Potential for donor fatigue
  • Candidate selection criteria may be unintentionally skewed (by locality, gender, type of education etc)
  • Possible perception of selection criteria as discriminatory against non-Fako students
  • Challenges with foreign transfer of funds 
  • Limited expertise in the selection criteria by the project team


Project is limited to students of Fako origin residing in Cameroon (including those with IDP status)

Number of scholarship offered is contingent on scholarship donations received

Project delivery will be in phases throughout the academic year

Funding will be receive from any source provided they align with all 501(c)3 regulations

Target Audience

Students of Fako origin residing in Cameroon with demonstrable financial challenges to pursuing academic or vocational training.

Success Criteria

At least 85% of selected candidates receive scholarship funds in a timely manner

Database on potential candidates and recipients of scholarship funds is current and reliable

Selection criteria is fair, clear and responsive to the risks mentioned in the above


Donations from Fako elites in the United States and anyone who supports the goal and objectives of the program. Current budget is $600 with an estimated projected total cost at $20,000


Phase 1: September 2023, Phase 2: Phase 3:…. Progressive reporting through Dashboards


(1)Create a database, (2)Develop selection criteria (3)Execute by Sep 2023 (4) Secure funds for the next phase (5) Prepare and deliver progress  report of the first 6 month to our sponsors