FACSA Arizona Unveils Striking Maiden Uniform at Festive Event!

Florence, Arizona – December 16, 2023

In a vibrant celebration of culture and community, the Fako Cultural and Social Association of Arizona (FACSA) proudly presented their inaugural uniform on December 16th, 2023. The event, held in the heart of Florence, witnessed a gathering of FACSA members, kids, and delighted guests.


The women graced the occasion in the elegant Kabba dress, while the men exuded cultural flair in the traditional Sanja loin. The event was adorned with a colorful array of traditional Cameroonian food and a delightful selection of assorted drinks. Noteworthy were the mouthwatering ethnic dishes of Kwacoco and Banga soup, and the Ngonya Wembe that stole the spotlight as a top menu choice.

The highlight of the day was not just the unveiling of the new uniform but also the warm surge in FACSA’s membership. Four new members joined the FACSA family, symbolizing the organization’s growth, one ‘mopkwe’ at a time.


Missed the event? Don’t worry! You can catch a glimpse of the entire celebration by visiting the FACSA Arizona website. Feast your eyes on captivating pictures and videos that capture the essence of this cultural extravaganza. Join FACSA in celebrating unity, and the rich cultural heritage that defines the Fako region!